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Newstead Technologies Pte Ltd is a major consumer electronics retailer in Singapore. Established in 1998, Newstead Technologies manages over 40 retail outlets islandwide, contributing a significant amount of sales in the retail industry. From the bustle at the 2 major IT malls in Singapore - Sim Lim Square and Funan DigitaLife Mall to our outlets in central shopping areas to the ones in the heartlands, we offer unparalleled reach with out extensive network of outlets.

Newstead Technologies offers the full range of consumer electronic products from an array of global brands. Featuring complementary store brands under the names:, IT Harvest, Solutions@HP, Mobility@HP, and Studio 7, the unique product mix at our stores cater to the different segments of consumers Newstead Technologies operates concept stores for Fujitsu, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, LG and Dell that showcase the entire product line giving consumers a complete shopping experience.

As an Apple Premium Reseller and Apple Authorised Reseller, Newstead Technologies is instrumental in bringing the Apple experience to Singaporeans to the heartlands. Today, Nubox operates close to 50% of Apple Premium Reseller outlets in Singapore. Through its 9 Apple Premium Reseller stores around Singapore, Nubox offers the entire range of Apple products from Macs, including desktops, notebooks, displays and software together with the full range of iPods digital music players, iPad, iPhone and related accessories to complete the mobile media and computing experience.

Newstead Technologies recently acquired PowerPRO, a provider of critical power hardware and services as well as an emerging principal player in the mechanical and electrical works for the construction industry, locally and regionally. Click here for more details.

Our Milestones

1998 - Newstead Technologies opened its 1st outlet at Funan DigitaLife Mall.

2000 - Newstead Technologies launched our 2nd outlet in Sim Lim Square.
         - Newstead Technologies continue to expand with an additional of 1 to 2
           stores every year.

2001 - Newstead Technologies incorporated as a private limited company and
           recorded a revenue of $11 millions.

2003 - Newstead Technologies incorporated and started to
           offer a full range of consumer electronic products from an array of
           global brands.

2004 - Newstead Technologies achieved 167% growth in revenue for financial
           year 2003.

2006 - Newstead Technologies launched our 1st Concept Store for Fujitsu at        
            Sim Lim Square followed by concept stores for other major IT brands
            include Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba over the next few years.
         Newstead Technologies stepped up on its expansion with 5 to 7 new  
           stores every year.

2008 - Nubox, an arm of Newstead Technologies, launched its 1st Apple
           Authorised Reseller store at Sim Lim Square.

2009 - Nubox achieved Apple Premium Reseller (APR) status and opened its 1st    
           APR store in the heartlands at Jurong Point.

2010 - Nubox opened its flagship store of 2,100sqft at Raffles City.

2011 - Newstead Technologies organised its 1st large scale charity drive "Bid to
           Give" and raised $50,000 for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.
         - Nubox achieved Consumer Superbrands status.
         - Newstead Technologies launched the 1st multi-brand eletronics concept
           store, Digital Style, at Funan DigitaLife Mall.
         Nubox organised the 1st Ultimate Mac Challenge.
           raised $4,800 for Make-A-Wish Foundation® from Nubox's
           Christmas road show.
         Newstead Technologies achieved growth percentage of 29%.

2012 - Newstead Technologies achieved the Promising SME 500 2012 Award-
           Top 12 by Small Medium Business Association.
         - Newstead Technologies launched the largest electronics concept stores
           of 9,000sqft, Digital Style, at Jurong Point. Digital Style takes unconventional approach where products categorised by consumers' needs instead of brands.
         - Newstead Technologies launched a new chain of specialty stores that 
           focus on accessories and connectivity solutions, Tech@Vogue gallery,
           at nex.
         - Nubox opened the 11th APR store in Funan DigitaLife Mall and is now the
           largest chain of APR with 11 stores islandwide.
         - Newstead Technologies achieved the 2012 Enterprise 50 Award.

2013 - Newstead Technologies attained the Business Superbrands status
         - Nubox achieved the Consumer Superbrand Status and the Singapore Prestige Brand Award.
         - Newstead Technologies was appointed to run the first ASUS concept store in Singapore.
          - Newstead Technologies raised $21,963 for SPMF from their second charity auction Bid To Give.
         - Nubox celebrated its 5th birthday with their Happy 5 Campaign
         - Newstead Technologies was appointed to run the first Samsung ATIV concept store in Singapore.